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======Core Program (16+)======

The Core program is for trans identified and gender diverse individuals. It is an 8-11 week program providing reliable and factual information, and meaningful community connections for anyone thinking about their own gender as it may be different than they were assigned at birth. They may be questioning, or affirmed in their felt gender.

Cisgender individuals should not be allowed to participate in the program, as it compromises the safe space agreement. An exception would be one of the facilitators, if they come as a PSW/MSW, registered psychotherapist, or other registered professional, whose skills can be invaluable throughout the program.

The program makes space for guest speakers throughout most of the sessions, it is important to line up speakers with lived experience, who are confident and engaging, and can talk about their own journey. Past attendees of the Gender Journeys program often make excellent guest speakers.

The goal of the program is to help gender diverse individuals understand the paths available to them, socially and medically. Topics include coming out to friends and family, dealing with discrimination and oppression, health and wellbeing, and developing personal and professional connections to support your personal gender identity and attain a good quality of life.


[[|Sample 8-Week Program]]
[[|Sample 10-Week Program]]
[[|Sample 11-Week Program]]


I’ve marked here that these sessions are intended for people 16 years of age and up. Due to challenges and constraints reaching minors, and the intended explicit and frank discussions on body and sexuality, this can be a challenge even between 16yo and 18yo.

Use your discretion. Be open to and engage parents of younger attendees.
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