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Welcome to the home page for the Gender Journeys Toolkit!

Gender Journeys is a series of structured programs that provide some psycho-educational instruction but focus primarily on helping people understand the diversity of gender that has directly touched their lives, be it in themselves or a close loved one. It promotes respect for a wide range of possibilities across a diverse gender

[[CoreProgram|Core Program (16+)]]
[[ParentsAndGuardiansProgram|Parents and Guardians Program]]
[[PartnersAndSpousesProgram|Partners and Spouses Program]]
[[YouthProgram|Youth Program (12-15)]]

[[|Resource Kit]]

Until now, this effort has largely been concentrated in a [[|public Google Drive repository]], but in order to facilitate more engagement with contributors we are moving to a wiki format. If you're not sure what a wiki is, it's just a way for us to contribute and update this website without anyone having to install any software or know HTML.

Stay tuned, jump in, contact [[StaceyVetzal]], explore the [[|shared documents on Google Drive]], let's make this happen!
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