Gender Journeys (10 Week Outline)


The Gender Journeys 10 week program provides reliable information and meaningful community connection for anyone thinking about their own gender changes. It promotes respect for a wide range of possibilities across the diverse gender continuum.

Program Goal

To provide information and support needed to make informed decisions about an individual’s personal gender journey and possible transitioning process.

Our anti-oppressive, non-pathologizing, affirmative and respectful stance provides a positive environment for exploring and discussing this very personal aspect of ourselves. Our intent is to foster a proud community and both heal from and organize against the oppression to which we may be subject.


SessionWorkshop TitleDescription
#1Introduction to Gender Journeys, Introduction to Anti-OppressionIntroduction and orientation, understanding the safe space and respect agreement
#2Gender Diversity: Yesterday and TodayCelebrating gender diversity, how it has changed over the years
#3Hormones & HealthUnderstanding the effects that female or male hormones have on our bodies
#4Navigating Transphobia, Navigating Gendered SpacesDiscussions on the manifestations of transphobia and how to cope with stigma and discrimination.
#5DisclosureManaging your identity and disclosure to others at work, school and in the community.
#6Embodying ChangesAddressing what physical transition may look like for an individual.
#7Relationships and IntimacyEngaging your sexuality, what is healthy sexuality and why to think about it.
#8Families, Partners & FriendsIssues and challenges faced by family, significant others, and friends
#9Getting Connected to Community (& Trans Activism)Understanding what supports are around, and how you can help your community
#10Bidding FarewellLast check-in, next steps, certificates of completion.
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