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======Gender Journeys (8 Week Outline)======

The Gender Journeys 8 week program provides reliable information and meaningful community connection for anyone thinking about their own gender changes. It promotes respect for a wide range of possibilities across the diverse gender continuum.

====Program Goal====
To provide information and support needed to make informed decisions about an individual’s personal gender journey and possible transitioning process.

Our anti-oppressive, non-pathologizing, affirmative and respectful stance provides a positive environment for exploring and discussing this very personal aspect of ourselves. Our intent is to foster a proud community and both heal from and organize against the oppression to which we may be subject.

||Session||Workshop Title||Description||
||#1||Introduction to Gender Journeys, Introduction to Anti-Oppression||Introduction and orientation, understanding the safe space and respect agreement||
||#2||Gender Diversity: Yesterday and Today||Celebrating gender diversity, how it has changed over the years||
||#3||Hormones & Health||Understanding the effects that female or male hormones have on our bodies||
||#4||Surviving Societal Transphobia (& Trans Activism), Disclosure||Discussions on the manifestations of transphobia and how to cope with stigma and discrimination. Managing your identity and disclosure to others at work, school and in the community.||
||#5||Embodying Changes||Addressing what transition may look like for an individual. Engaging your sexuality, what is healthy sexuality and why to think about it.||
||#6||Families, Partners & Friends||Issues and challenges faced by family, significant others, and friends||
||#7||Getting Connected to Community (& Trans Activism)||Understanding what supports are around, and how you can help your community||
||#8||Bidding Farewell||Last check-in, next steps, certificates of completion.||
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