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For the serious motorist, the PDA resolution of choice is the outstanding TomTom Navigator This is sophisticated route arranging makes use of GPS satellites to track your position, the software speaks your route, shows you a 3D map of your next turning, points out locations of interest, and can warn you of upcoming speed and red light cameras.

Visitors-i - Receive live road visitors data from the Trafficmaster network direct on your SonyEricsson P800 , Sony Ericsson P800 , P900 , P910i , Nokia 6600 , Nokia 3650 , Nokia 7650 , Siemens Sx1 , O2 XDAII and Orange SPV E200 over GPRS Discover out about road concerns in your region, plus get an indication of the speed of traffic on motorways and key A roads.

This is the mother of all mapping applications for the Pc. AutoRoute, supplies actually bucketloads of information and attributes. Fantastic for mapping a route, anywhere in Europe, door-to-door by postcodes, it can be set with your driving speeds, to steer clear of particular roads, go the scenic route, zoom in and out, print maps and a complete stack far more. Amazingly detailed, with great step-by-step travel bag directions for your navigator.

You can not have helped but notice the increase in the quantity of speed cameras... not only the fixed grey and yellow ones (known as Gatso), but the mobile units hiding around the corner exactly where you least expect them. Naturally, breaking the speed limit is harmful and illegal, but as cameras are supposed to be sited at blackspots, realizing where they are is a fantastic benefit.
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